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Is it really possible to achieve important social outcomes while generating investment returns?

At the Social Impact Investment Network SA, we believe it is!

Like others around Australia and across the globe, we are developing a whole new investment community and we are inviting others to join with us in promoting social finance instruments as one way of providing resources and energy to attack some of our most “wicked” problems.

Social impact investment is an approach to using investment funds that delivers social dividends and economic returns. It covers a wide spectrum of activity ranging from loans on favourable terms through to private-public partnerships and social benefit bonds.

Social Impact Bonds are one form of social investment and these are being increasingly developed in the UK, US and Australia in seeking to bring about improved outcomes in the areas of offender recidivism, placement prevention and family reunification in relation to children in care, and early childhood development. Social Impact Bonds are characterised by improved social outcomes, savings to Government and financial returns to investors.




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